As a potential home buyer would you want to trust your inspection for wood destroying insects to a home inspection company that may not be a licensed or a certified pest control operator? Home inspection company's are great for inspecting roofs, plumbing, electrical etc., but you have to ask yourself what experience in pest control does my home inspector have? Currently the state of New Jersey does not require home inspectors to have a pest control license. This could mean your inspector may have no pest control experience at all!


1. Pro-Tech will inspect for all wood destroying insects, including termites, carpenter ants, wood infesting beetles, and carpenter bees. We will also report any possible indications of mold or fungus growth that we find.

2. We will also report to you any conditions conducive to possible future pest infestations such as excessive moisture, or poor ventilation of crawl spaces as well any wood to earth contact including excessive cellulous debris in and around the structure.

3. All our inspections are followed up with a typed report. If a pest problem is found, we include a sub-structure diagram showing the exact area of infestation and any estimates required to treat the problem.

4. With nearly 40 years experience in the pest control industry we can assure you that your inspection for wood destroying insects will be done right and on time.


Currently under state regulations regarding termite retreats. The only time a home can be retreated for termites is if certain conditions exist.

1. There has to be live termites present.
2. There are no records showing any prior termite evidence
3. There has been a disruption of the treated area through construction or excavation.

These are just a few of the requirements for retreat. Many if not all homes previously treated for termites can still be put under a one year termite service agreement without retreated them.


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