Our service consists of a one time application of a liquid termiticide to all available sub soil areas such as below dirt filled porch areas or garage floors as well as exposed soils around the structure. Once we have completed our service we place the structure under an initial two (2) year service agreement. Under this agreement if termites should reappear on or within your home Pro-Tech will return and retreat the infected area at no additional cost to you.

Once a structure has been serviced and placed under our agreement Pro-Tech will also provide you with a periodic courtesy inspection of your property, to ensure that our treatment is working.

Prior to the initial two year service agreement expiring, you will be notified to renew your agreement which can be done annually there after.

We at Pro-Tech have found that this is still the best way to control and eliminate termites from your home.




Under this type of service we will make a liquid applications to infested and key areas of the structure only. Then we will install several termite monitoring and baiting stations around your home. These stations are inspected on an on going basis every three months, or as often as needed. Inspection of these stations will let us know if there is any continuing activity around your home that may need our attention.

Pro-Tech utilizes the Advanced Termite Bait System.





This service is provided to control general pests from being in and around your home. A sample of the pests covered under this agreement are, SMALL ANTS, BEES AND WASPS, FOOD INFESTING INSECTS, COCKROACHES, EARWIGS, SOW AND PILL BUGS, MILIPEDES, CRICKETS, BEETLES. This service is provided to the exterior of your home every three months were pest problems can develop. Based on the time of year, we will use residual sprays, dusts, and granular products.

Under this agreement if at any time you should have a pest problem on the interior of your home it is taken care of at no additional cost to you.

*Termites, Bed Bugs, and Fleas are not covered under this service.




This service is the same as the above quarterly service but with a small addition. We at Pro-Tech have found over the years that home owners want complete coverage for all their potential pest problems.

So, with that in mind we created our Pest Plus Home Service which incorporates in ground termite monitoring as well as carpenter ant coverage into our quarterly service agreement. Under this program you are protected for any pest listed in our agreement that may find its way in or around your home.






Moisture control is achieved by installing a plastic vapor barrier on the soil in the crawl or by installing additional ventilation to the crawlspace through the use of foundation vents.

Excessive moisture in a crawl can cause wood decay and fungus growth as well as making the area attractive to insect pests such termites and carpenter ants. It can also cause allergic reactions to humans by allowing the growth of mold and mildew.



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